PrEPARING ASIA: Discussing PrEP with an Expert: Dr Chris Beyrer

Να θυμάστε....πάντα κάνουμε σεξ παίρνοντας τις απαραίτητε προφυλάξεις!

In many cities throughout Asia evidence shows less than half of the Gay / MSM population are not consistently using condoms. In order to have an impact and stop the spread of HIV a new approach is needed. We talk to Dr Chris Beyrer, President of the International AIDS Society, about gay men, other MSM and the exciting developments of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Asia. 

For more information about PrEPARING ASIA visit: www.apcom.org/PrEPARINGASIA

To learn more about #PrEP visit: www.apcom.org/PrEP

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